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DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic

DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic
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A variety of physicals are performed for agencies who must meet regulatory and legal requirements of agencies such as OSHA and OPM. For each type of physical, required forms are provided when setting an appointment. The supervisor’s section and the employee specific sections need to be completed prior to the clinic visit. Also, each employee should bring their immunization record if available, and a list of all current medications. All physicals are done by appointment per agency points of contacts by calling 703-692-8828/8831. 

Pre-Employment Physicals

All forms provided when setting an appointment.

Pre-Deployment Physicals

Civilian personnel deploying will need to provide either an RFO or official orders or a signed letter from their Point of Contact stating the departure date and deployment location. All forms provided when setting an appointment.


Agencies may send civilians to the Clinic for a Post-deployment screening and Return to Work Certification.

Reassignment (Overseas)

Agencies may send civilian personnel who require a mandatory physical from the requesting agency.

Medical Surveillance Physicals (ie: CDL, Hearing Conservation)

For civilians who require annual medical surveillance and monitoring. All forms provided when setting an appointment.

Medical Reviews

Agencies may request the clinic to provide medical expertise and opinion to assist an agency in decision making for such needs as reasonable accommodation, and fitness-for-duty for employees in a medical surveillance program with medical issues that negatively impact on the employee’s performance or conduct.

A CEHS medical officer can review:

  • Medical documentation in support of accommodations.
  • Medical documentation in support of work related injuries or claims that are controverted by management.
  • Return to work certification.

Call 703-692-8828/8831 and ask for the Medical Director, CEHS.

Workplace Injury Services

Employees may elect to receive first response treatment for on the job injuries and illnesses by CEHS. Employees who elect to come to the Pentagon clinic when injured on the job, have the advantage of having:

  • Received immediate first response medical treatment.
  • ​Received medical documentation on the date of injury.
  • Received helpful advice on the next step in the process.
  • Notified the Safety Office of a possible hazardous condition.  

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DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic

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