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COVID-19 Information

In accordance with CDC and ATAMMC guidance, Outpatient Medical Records is requiring all customers to adhere to the following instructions:

  • ALL customers are required to wear a cloth face covering while conducting business in Outpatient Medical Records.
  • No more than 2 customers are allowed in the patient waiting area at one time (anyone not conducting official business is asked to wait in the hall).
  • ALL customers waiting in the hall area must adhere to current social distancing policy.
  • Any customers exhibiting symptoms or feeling sick are asked to explore our “Contactless” options.

Contactless Service

In an effort to protect our staff as well as our customers the following options have been made “contactless.” Per Army regulation AR 40-66, please allow 30 business days for the request to be completed.

Record Requests

Customers who would prefer to request copies of their records without physical contact may do so by completing a DD Form 2870 and sending it via any of the below mentioned media formats:

Fax: 571-231-3692; please send “ATTN: Correspondence”
Postal Service: A.T. Augusta Military Medical Center/Attn: Outpatient Medical Records/9300 DeWitt Loop, Rm OL-400/Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

We utilize DOD Safe when completing requests for records by email. It is a third party secured site. The documents are uploaded to this site and encrypted, the site generates a password which it emails to the customer along with instructions on how to access and download the documents. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

For those who would prefer to receive their records through the mail, the documents will be uploaded to a CD and mailed to the address provided on the DD Form 2870.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Active Duty members preparing to out-process from A.T. Augusta Military Medical Center should email a copy of their orders AND out-processing paperwork to Once the member’s paperwork is received the Outpatient Records staff will print it and use CHCS to verify the location of the physical record(s) and remove them from the shelf. The orders will be attached to the record(s) and given to the corresponding MRT for preparation to be transferred to the member’s next duty station. The Member’s out-processing paperwork will then be signed, uploaded, and emailed back to the Member. The email will also include a tracking number for the Member’s parcel.

Expiration Term of Service (ETS)

Active Duty members preparing to retire or separate who would prefer to not physically come in may out-process using the same method as those who are going to PCS. Send an email containing the orders as well as the out-processing form to After receiving the paperwork it will be printed, the record(s) will be removed from the shelf, the orders will be attached to the record(s) and given to the appropriate Medical Records Technician for preparation to be sent to the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) at Fort Sam Houston, TX for retirement.

All service members are asked to request a complete copy of their medical record at least 90 days prior to their final out-processing date. Any encounters which occur after the request has been completed will have to be requested separately.

Medical Records

Medical Records is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of service members’ and their dependent beneficiaries’ records. Our overall goal is to service each customer efficiently and professionally while also delivering a product of the highest quality in accordance with Military regulations as well as HIPAA, State, and Federal laws.

We are located on the basement, Oaks Pavilion, Lower Level, Room OL.400. Our office may be reached by any of the options listed below:

Phone: 571-231-3774, option 1
Fax: 571-231-3692
Postal Service: A.T. Augusta Military Medical Center/Attn: Outpatient Medical Records/9300 DeWitt Loop, Rm OL-400/Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Release of information
  • Updating Patient Demographic/Registration information
  • Verification of Civilian Physicians (Lab and Radiology prescriptions ONLY)
  • Verification of Medical Coverage via General Inquiry of DEERS (GIQD)
  • Medical record tracking (DD Form 877)
  • Maintenance and Copying of Medical Records
  • Issuance of Medical Warning Tags
  • In-office/Contactless Record Request and Receipt
  • In-office/Contactless PCS and ETS (Active Duty Retirement)
  • In-processing/Out-processing of new service members and employees

Release of Information

Customers may request copies of their medical information by visiting our customer service window and inquiring with a Medical Records Technician. All “in-person” customers are limited to the printing of 10 encounters same day. Any customers in need of more than 10 encounters are required to request them with a DD Form 2870. Our office copies official medical record sets within A.T. Augusta Military Medical Center in accordance with U.S. Army and Defense Health Agency (DHA) regulations.

A few of the requests we are able to satisfy same day are listed below:

  • Completed Lab test results
  • Some Radiology results
  • Most EKG’s
  • Immunizations

These requests can ONLY be satisfied if the information is available to be printed.

ATAMMC Outpatient Records Department also fulfills correspondence requests for the following:

  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Civilian Physicians
  • Social Security Administration
  • Veteran’s Affairs
  • Behavioral Health
In accordance with Army regulation AR 40-66 and the Defense Health Agency Procedure Manual please allow 30 working days for all requests to be completed.

DD Form 2870

Any customer wishing to request information for more than 10 encounters is required to fill out a DD Form 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information) in its entirety.

In accordance with Army Regulation AR 40-66, please allow us 30 working days to complete your request.

Behavioral Health records can sometimes take longer than the 30 days allotted for completion as we must receive authorization from the “Behavioral Health” physician the customer is currently seeing or has seen. We ask that you please be patient and allow enough time for the authorization for the release of these records to be completed.

DD Form 2870 General Instructions

DD Form 877

If you are an Active Duty service member and require the physical transferring of your Active Duty-Service Treatment Record (STR) and/or your dependent beneficiaries’ treatment record to our Military Treatment Facility (MTF) please fill out a DD Form 877 (Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information).

Both forms may be submitted in person at our Customer Service window during normal business hours or by utilizing our Contactless options.

Civilian Provider Records

For continuation of care within A.T. Augusta Military Medical Center, Outpatient Medical Records will attempt to retrieve records from a civilian facility at the customer’s request. A DD Form 2870 with the contact information of the civilian facility is all that is necessary. Once the documents have arrived they will be scanned and uploaded into the appropriate electronic medical record. A copy will be made available to the customer at their request.

All information filed into the Outpatient Record becomes property of the Department of Defense.

Civilian Radiology and Laboratory Prescriptions

As of March 25, 2023 Medical Records will no longer process laboratory or radiology prescriptions from out of network physicians. All patients who require this service should contact the Laboratory or Radiology, respectively for instructions. We thank you for your patience with us during this time of transition and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

Legal Requests

All requests for information for legal purposes must be submitted to the Fort Belvoir Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG). These requests are then forwarded by JAG to Outpatient Medical Records. They are then logged into a database for tracking purposes prior to being assigned to the MRT responsible for processing legal requests.

Please allow 30 working days for these requests to be completed.

Archived Records

Our office maintains outpatient records for a period of two years after the patient’s last medical encounter (excluding Active Duty military and their Dependents). After which, the records are retired to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).

Customers seeking to obtain their retired records directly from NPRC may do so by visiting

They may also contact them at the following address:  

Active-Duty military records

Department of Veterans Affairs
Records Management Center
P.O. Box 5020
St. Louis, MO 63115

Dependent records

1411 Boulder Dr.
Valmeyer, IL 62295

DD Form 877

For active duty service members and their dependents, we will attempt to retrieve their physical records on your behalf. Once the records have been received to Outpatient Medical Records they will undergo a Quality Control inspection prior to being electronically signed into the Composite HealthCare System (CHCS) for tracking purposes. After the records are electronically logged they will be physically shelved in our records room until official notification of a transfer or retirement is received in the form official orders or receipt of a DD Form 877 from another MTF.

Special Circumstances

To request records on behalf of someone with a physical or mental impairment OR a child who is a minor a Medical Power of Attorney or a copy of a court order appointing guardianship is necessary.

Members may also obtain their dependent children’s electronic records as long as the children are under 18 years of age. This is not necessary for requesting the child’s immunizations.  Dependents 18 years of age or older must request their own medical information. A valid ID is required.

For the release of information of a deceased patient the patient’s surviving next of kin or a court-appointed executor/administrator signs the request form. A copy of the Death Certificate must accompany the request. All executors/administrators MUST show legal documentation appointing them to the position.

All other requests must be accompanied by a subpoena, signed by a judge, or a Medical Power of Attorney which specifically indicates release of medical records.

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