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DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic

DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic
Civilian Occupational Health

Building Safety Program

Indoor Air Quality Health Assessments

We provide health evaluations for acute or chronic health effects due to poor workplace indoor air quality. Worksite assessment visits can be arranged through the Pentagon Safety and Industrial Hygiene 703-693-3683, or the link at and or Pentagon Building Management Office Trouble Desk 703-614-1597, to assess and or correct indoor air quality related work issues. If necessary, we will conduct basic screening tests, make referrals and or recommend appropriate work accommodations. For further information call 703-692-8828/8831 and ask for the Occupational Health Nurse on Duty. 

Motorized Scooter Services

This program is open to all DoD military and civilian employees with temporary mobility disabilities. Due to a limited scooter supply, there is a restriction of six weeks for continuous scooter usage. The scooter is not allowed to leave the Pentagon Building. For further information call 703-692-8828/8831.

Work-Site Visits

The goal of CEHS is provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Worksite visits are done to access workplace operations and potential hazards and thus reduce, control, or eliminate work hazards and associated injuries/illnesses. We try to maintain optimal working relationship with supervisors and employees and the building safety office. To schedule a visit, please call 703-692-8828/8831 and ask for the Occupational Health Nurse on Duty.

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DiLorenzo Pentagon Health Clinic

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