Patient Resources

Support Groups

Education, coping skills, encouragement, and more are benefits of our support groups. Please join us!

Bariatric Support Group

Are you considering or have you undergone Bariatric surgery? Join the ATAMMC Bariatric Support Group! This community is comprised of individuals who can relate to your experiences and provide the understanding and support you need. By joining, you can connect with others who have been through similar journeys, share experiences, and receive emotional support. This group offers a safe space to express your thoughts and concerns while navigating your weight loss journey. Don't face this alone – join a community that truly understands your struggles and can offer the support you deserve.

Grief & Loss Group

The ATAMMC understands loss can be difficult. You do not have to walk through this journey alone. We are here to support you in your journey toward healing.

For more information call 571-231-3224, option 4, option 1.

Patient Wellness Programs

ATAMMC Wellness Program is committed to improving the quality of life of our patients. This multi-disciplinary program provides counseling, education, and assessments from our team of professionals. We want to help you achieve your goals!

NOTE: No referral needed to attend these classes. Please contact the appropriate clinic to register.

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