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Our gastroenterology staff can provide evaluation and treatment of the full array of gastrointestinal problems such as common gastrointestinal issues, colon cancer screening, inflammatory bowel disease, esophageal motility and pH, liver disease and many others. We offer endoscopic service to include gastroscopy, enteroscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel capsule endoscopy, ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound.


  • Upper Endoscopy (EGD)
  • Small bowel deep-enteroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Small bowel capsule endoscopy
  • ERCP (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • Endoscopy ultrasound


All active-duty and retired military, and adult dependents ages 18 and above are eligible for care in the clinic. Patients who have not had an appointment in the Gastroenterology Clinic and are experiencing GI symptoms such as abdominal pain; rectal bleeding; change in bowel habits or heartburn will need a referral from their Primary Care Manager prior to being seen in the clinic. Once this referral has been placed, patients can then contact the call center at (855) 227-6331 to schedule a clinic appointment.

Self Referral (Open Access) Colonoscopy

Open access colorectal cancer screening is for patients age 50 to 70 who are in generally good health, have no gastrointestinal symptoms, and require a routine colonoscopy (either initial or follow-up colonoscopy after initial screening) for colorectal cancer.

Eligible patients should meet the following criteria:

  • Age 50-70 (45 if African American, 40-49 for patients who have a first-degree relative with colon cancer age 50 or younger)
  • No previous problems with moderate sedation or anesthesia
  • No anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs (Coumadin, plavix, etc). No significant illnesses (poorly controlled diabetes, significant cardiac disease, severe breathing problems, liver problems or kidney problems)
  • No chronic use of narcotics, benzodiazepines, or other sedatives
  • No gastrointestinal symptoms, e.g. abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or change in bowel habits. A formal consultation in the GI clinic is indicated in patients with symptoms

Patients who meet these criteria for open access colonoscopy should complete the online form for Open Access Colonoscopy from the Walter Reed Bethesda site in its entirety. View the Open Access Colonoscopy Questionnaire.

Information submitted using this form will be reviewed and the patient will be contacted to schedule a procedure and receive pre-procedure colonoscopy and prep instructions. Please allow five to seven business days to be contacted.

If after review of the submitted information our staff finds that the patient is not eligible for open access, we will contact the patient to schedule a clinic appointment.

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Weekends and Federal Holidays: Closed

Patients should report to the Emergency Department or call 911 when the clinic is closed.


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Open Access Colonoscopy Questionnaire

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