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Occupational Health

Our Occupational Health Services section promotes physical and mental fitness of Department of Defense personnel under the care of Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center (ATAMMC). We fully embrace patient and family centered care practices, and our core operational values incorporate evidence-based design principles and the hospital’s Culture of Excellence standards to create a world-class healing environment. We are committed to partnering with our patients and their family members while providing a warm and comforting atmosphere in an environment of trust.

Specialty Services

  • Physical Examinations (Vision/hearing testing, lab test results such as CBC, CMP, lipid panel, UA, EKG, chest x-ray if indicated, pulmonary function tests, PPD screening, OSHA respirator questionnaire)
    • Pre-emloyment/pre-placement exam
    • Periodic exams: pre-deployment/post deployment annual law enforcement (police officers, security guards), annual firefighters DOT medical certifications
    • Fit-for-duty examinations
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute, non-life threatening/non-limb threatening work-related injuries and illnesses (these include wound repairs/dressing, splinting, extremity immobilizations, saline irrigations, etc.). Initial evaluation, management and treatment, follow-up visits, and return-to-work evaluations
  • Medical surveillance examinations (In partnership with Industrial Hygiene and safety officers of the different entities within Fort Belvoir)
    • Ionizing radiations
    • Brain tumors
    • Reproductive hazards
    • Anti-neoplastics drugs
  • Work site visits and ergonomic evaluations (in partnership with Industrial Hygiene and safety officers of the different entities within ATAMMC)
  • Consultation services
    • Ionizing radiations
    • Reasonable Accommodations
    • Family Medical Leave
    • Medical Disability Retirement
    • Medical Documentation Review
    • Civilian Resource Conservation Program
  • In-processing services

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Weekends and Holidays: Closed


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