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Inpatient Behavioral Health

The Inpatient Behavioral Health Service provides customer-focused, quality inpatient behavioral health services, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach in a safe setting to bring hope and healing to adults with mental illness. The inpatient behavioral health service is an interdisciplinary service offering treatments designed to alleviate impairment in coping skills, psychological symptoms, social, interpersonal or occupational dysfunction, general substance abuse treatment, and lethality. The inpatient behavioral health service works with outpatient providers and other services to help facilitate referrals.

Treatments include

  • Pharmacotherapy including, but not limited to, use of benzodiazepines, antidepressants, anxiolytics, mood stabilizing agents, and antipsychotics
  • Milieu based therapy with multidisciplinary contributions from art therapy, social work, psychiatric nursing, psychology, and psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy based treatments occurring in both individual and group settings
  • Psychosocial assistance and disposition management, with family and command collateral contacts and possible coordination with the treatment plan
  • Involuntary use of restraints as a last resort after various preventative measures has failed (See TJC guidelines for more information)
  • Detoxification: Non-complicated alcohol and opioid detoxification are performed using CIWA and CINA. Complicated detoxification is defined as an existence of a requirement for any of the following items: oxygen, cardiac and other invasive monitoring, or use of ventilators. Complicated detoxification will be completed on the appropriate medical units and then transferred to inpatient psychiatry when the client is medically stable
  • TMS services will be provided at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

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