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News | April 24, 2020

Be Cyber Aware: COVID-19 Myths vs. Facts

While your attention is focused on staying safe and healthy at this time, don’t take your eye off cybersecurity measures. Whether you’re working from home or browsing social media sites, you’re a target for scammers taking advantage of the COVID-19 national health emergency. Investment scams, fake fundraisers, and offers for bogus COVID-19 tests are popping up online and in email boxes. Here are some myths vs. facts to help you stay safe, not sorry.

MYTH: It’s OK to click on any link that provides information about COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

FACT: Spoof emails often mirror or mimic messages from official sources. Don’t click on any unsolicited email links from senders you don’t know.

MYTH: When I’m working from home, the VPN I use protects me from viruses or phishing scams.

FACT: Using a VPN protects your information in many ways. However, it can’t protect you from email phishing scams. Don’t click on or open any COVID-19 emails or suspected spam that come from addresses you don’t recognize.

MYTH: I’m smart enough to avoid COVID-19 scams.

FACT: Scammers find creative ways to get your personal and financial information. These ways include fake stimulus checks, Medicare fraud, and charity scams. Cybercriminals will do anything to separate individuals from their money. They capitalize during times of stress or crisis. Be alert and suspicious of unsolicited offers of advice on COVID-19 prevention, protection, or recovery.

MYTH: I can hold Zoom meetings on my Department of Defense (DoD) computer.

FACT: Zoom isn’t approved for DoD computers or networks. For personal use on your own device, prevent hackers by always using a strong password.

Consider sharing Myth vs. Fact infographics and spread the truth, not the virus. Stay safe and learn more about COVID-19.

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